JRM 215 Reflection

I honestly enjoyed coming to every JRM 215 class because Dr. Zuegner was able to make the course very enjoyable. I especially appreciated the TED talks and John Oliver videos because they discussed relevant information concerning different facets of journalism and its future. Some of the sects of journalism we discussed I had never considered before. … More JRM 215 Reflection

Photojournalism Career Not as Picture Perfect as it Once Was

In his New York Times’ interview, renowned photojournalist Donald R. Winslow laments the end of the once illustrious career field he bleed his heart and soul into. His interview is shockingly blunt about his perspective of the decline of photojournalism due to the widespread mainstream use of cameras and the decreasing amount of newspapers and journalism funding. I … More Photojournalism Career Not as Picture Perfect as it Once Was

The New Frontier of Public Relations

Gone are the days depicted in Mad Men where public relations was cut and dry and had no close association with other corporate departments. I always viewed public relations as crisis management for everything from celebrities to Fortune 500 companies. Today, the field of public relations has intertwined with marketing and communications to create a new … More The New Frontier of Public Relations

Reaction to Angels and Ghosts: Anatomy of a Story

Diana Sugg is an award winning journalist and has a strong passion for writing about people’s struggles. Her passion has gotten her involved in a number of hard-hitting journalism pieces, especially her series published in The Baltimore Sun “If I die”, a heartbreaking look into the final moments of a mother and her dying 12 year old … More Reaction to Angels and Ghosts: Anatomy of a Story

The Early Stages of Communication

Humans have always been innovating. Today, we see innovation in the field of technology. But one of the first innovations in human history was the written language. The written language allowed people to preserve thoughts instead of relining solely on people’s memories through oral communication. The ability to use symbols to share stories between people … More The Early Stages of Communication

A Severed Connection

My aunt is thinking about getting rid of WiFi at her house. When she told me, my jaw literally dropped. “What are you going to do?” I asked, absolutely stunned. “Meditate, relax, actually talk to people” she replied unfazed. After this conversation, I started thinking of all the ways I was tethered to WiFi. I use … More A Severed Connection