JRM 215 Reflection

I honestly enjoyed coming to every JRM 215 class because Dr. Zuegner was able to make the course very enjoyable. I especially appreciated the TED talks and John Oliver videos because they discussed relevant information concerning different facets of journalism and its future. Some of the sects of journalism we discussed I had never considered before. This course has made me more critical of the information I see from the media and made me more aware that it is up to me to learn the truth, and I shouldn’t expect to know the whole story from the headline.

One suggestion I can make to add to this course is to still include the Program or Be Programmed and Blur readings, but don’t require the whole book to be read. I found some of the information repetitive and I believe by decreasing the required amount of reading, more students would do the reading.

I throughly enjoyed this course and feel like a more informed citizen coming out of it. I learned that the future of how we will get news is up and the air and ever changing with with advancements in technology. I do not know what the face of journalism will look like in 10 years, but I hope it is still rooted in the truth and integrity.



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