Hello, it’s me

img_1005I am Kate Kearney, a freshman at Creighton University. Sorry, not Grammy Award winning singer Adele (I wish though). I am from the Kansas City metro area and the oldest of four children in my family. I am currently enrolled in Information Concepts, a class that focuses on the sharing of content through a multitude of medias. I enrolled in this class because it is required for my major of Computer Science and am excited to analyze the way we use media. Different forms of media have become so ingrained in daily life people don’t think twice about using it. I know I used a multitude of media mediums everyday. I love using my social media accounts and being apart of what is trending online. I relish coming up with witty captions for Instagram posts, scrolling through my Twitter feed to catch up on the latest news stories, and keeping in touch with my family on Facebook. Having all these applications on my phone only makes it easier for me to take my accounts wherever I go. I love the opportunities social media has created for me, but this love is not one without apprehension. I’ve seen people abuse the platform they are given through these different mediums by participating in cyberbullying or publishing fake news. The recent epidemic of fake news trolling popular websites such as Facebook is especially concerning to me. The recent decline of newspaper subscriptions proves that people are turning to other sources to get the news; namely, the internet. However, the internet is a platform available to everyone, so unverified stories can become viral and accepted as the truth. Everyone wants to break the big story, but that responsibility should be in the hands of journalists. I except integrity and honesty from journalists. I want to hear an unbiased approach to what is going on in the  world. fullsizeoutput_eefToo often, news medias have a side to the story that they support over the other, and this bias is evident in their reporting. I appreciate journalists that are dedicated fact checkers and are fearless in their search for truth in their reporting. Nevertheless, the world has turned to their smartphones to receive the latest news updates. This can create a more well informed population that feels more connected to every corner of the globe, which can be beneficial in bringing to light injustices that plague foreign nations. The modern, fast spreading of news can help create a movement that leads to a brighter future. However, being so in tune to the media and what others are doing can lead to forgetting about what is important in your own life. It can lead to missed opportunities and not recognizing the blessings in your own life. The world has shifted to becoming dependent on their devices, which has opened a whole new field of jobs. One of the most booming career fields is computer science. In high school, I took a class that taught me very basic codes used in HTML which inspired me to learn more in college. I look forward to where computer science can take me and how I can influence this world for the better. 


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